Dairy or No Dairy: What’s Better

The world over, there are only two kinds of people: Those who eat dairy product and those who don’t (and yes, this is a pretty old way of saying this). The debate is as old as the dairy products themselves, should one be taking the products we obtain by making use of milk and its products or are we much better off otherwise? We use the medium of this article to make sure that the debate reaches a suitable ending. Read on to find out more about each of them and see under which category you fall.

The pro dairy debate:

From the very lean protein to traditional Indian delicacies, they all are made with the use of dairy products. Yes, even the whey protein that you so crave after, is made from the watery content that gets left over once you make cottage cheese out of a quantity of milk. It is then dried over by evaporation and the residual powder is collected. So there you go! An excellent source of protein and calcium right there! Apart from that, they also are an excellent source of vitamin D which is responsible for stronger bones and better synthesis of calcium. Taking that out of the equation, you can also find a number of minerals and vitamins that are essential to the human body. It has often been labelled as a complete diet in itself. Those who are vegetarians, find a host f their daily requirements in this. If they stop taking milk on a regular basis, they will grow weak and fall prey to related problems. Even many qualified dieticians promote the use of milk as a part of a balanced diet. People who live in affected and poor conditions rely on this wonder product to meet their daily dose of nutrition’s.

The no dairy point of view:

The biggest argument against dairy is that we have no need of consuming it. There is nothing in the nutritional chart that we cannot find otherwise. With the help of in depth analysis of daily food items, we have now established a detailed chart of food items that we need to consume on a daily basis to meet our nutritional needs. Dairy products can be completely replaced. The biggest argument is nature itself. No mammal drinks milk after reaching adulthood. Milk and dairy products in it are a food for the growing. An adult has no need for it. It has also been found that they are difficult to digest and can cause blockages in the intestinal movement if not properly digested. All these factors make a pretty strong case against the use of dairy products. On top of that, some people are lactose intolerant so they are as it is off the grid when it comes to dairy products.

The final word:

It rests with you. You now know the story from both the sides. Find out on which one you fall and then follow that plan accordingly.